Fantastic Mr. Fox statistics!


The Oscar campaign for Wes Anderson‘s Fantastic Mr. Fox is focusing on the spectacular statistics surrounding the making of the stop-motion animated film – and it seems to be working. Click on the poster below to see it in hi-res. How about those stats!

Although Pixar’s Up has long been considered a shoo-in for the Best Animated Feature prize, Mr. Fox has proven to be quite popular in the precursor awards. It has already won Best Animated Feature at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards and the New York Film Critics Circle Awards. It also won Best Adapted Screenplay at the San Diego Film Critics Society Awards. While the Indiana Film Journalists awarded it Runner Up Best Film of the Year.

I personally loved Fantastic Mr. Fox (I’ll publish my review closer to its January 1st release date). Although it’s not quite as good as Up in my opinion, it would be a worthy Best Animated Feature Oscar nominee. Frankly, it would be a worthy Best Picture nominee too!

Discuss: Does FMF have a shot at the Best Animated Feature Oscar?

One Response to “Fantastic Mr. Fox statistics!”

  1. Hard to say, but it would be a great thing for Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was great to see such a refreshing feel in animated film. I love Pixar, but they've been dominating the category lately and it would certainly encourage more people to see FMF, which bombed at the box office.

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