Spiderman 4 is no more; Sony preps series reboot!

source: deadline.com

Well, this was a surprise. Spiderman 4 is dead in the water and Sony Pictures have announced that they will launch a series reboot in 2012.

Mike Fleming and Nikke Finke at Deadline first broke the news that Sony would NOT move forward with director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire on a fourth Spiderman film. Sony later confirmed via press release.

According to the Deadline report, Raimi felt he would not be able to meet the film’s slated May 2011 release date. Raimi was unhappy with the direction of the film’s storyline. This was the reason production was continually delayed; shooting was supposed to begin in February 2010 and was pushed until March.

Sony will now reboot the franchise, taking Peter Parker/Spiderman back to high school. It will feature a new director and star and will be based on a script by Zodiac-scribe James Vanderbilt.

You may remember all the way back in February 2008 that Vanderbilt provided the script for Spiderman 4. Vanderbilt’s script was apparently a two-parter, and would conceivably stretch into the fifth Spiderman film. Raimi wasn’t a fan, and playwright David Linsday-Abaire was brought in to fix the screenplay. Gun-for-hire Gary Ross was also brought in for an edit. Still, Raimi “hated” the script.

Despite Raimi’s hatred, Sony must have enjoyed Vanderbilt’s work. They were prepared to make his two-parter screenplay Spiderman’s 5 and 6. Perhaps Sony employed Vanderbilt to write a high school-based screenplay for them on the sly?

Interesting to note that only yesterday, John Malkovich confirmed that he would play the villain The Vulture in the fourth film. This is a new character, so can we assume this will be the villain in the reboot too?

It is unknown whether or not Anne Hathaway was ever slated to play villainess The Vulteress. According to Deadline, Sony wanted her, but did not want to pay her as much as she was demanding.

Perhaps a fresh start is what we need. Raimi is now free to work on his World of Warcraft film and the Spiderman franchise can be given some new legs.

So Spiderman 1 version 2.0 hits cinemas 2012!

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4 Responses to “Spiderman 4 is no more; Sony preps series reboot!”

  1. Isn't it too early to reboot?

  2. Will it be worth explaining people that it had nothing to do with Spidy3 being crap?

  3. If you are going to do a reboot of a franchise you really want to come up with radically different and approach, otherwise why bother?A gritty superhereo reboot … it's been done already. Pass.

  4. Spidey 3 wasn't that bad, and i think that Spidey 4 would've been awesome. Tobey Maguire's a bit of a douche though

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