The Room heads to Australia!


One of the most notorious films in modern cinema history is finally heading to Australia. Tommy Wiseau’s The Room will debut at Cinema Nova in Melbourne on February 6th.

What is The Room you say? Well…

The Room tells the story of a love triangle between Johnny, his future wife Lisa and his best friend Mark. As their relationships begin to disintegrate, Johnny spirals into an emotional blackhole from which he never recovers.

Sounds like genuine Oscar bait, right? Check out the trailer below and you’ll soon realise why that isn’t the case.

Wiseau wrote, directed and produced the film based on his own play and novel. He independently financed the film in 2003 and ended up raising $US7 million to shoot the picture (although you wouldn’t be able to tell).

Although the film flopped on release, it has since developed a cult following not unlike that for Plan 9 from Outer Space. Audiences could not help but react to the melodramatic film (particularly Wiseau’s bizarre delivery) with unrestrained bouts of laughter. Wiseau, now realising he had a “black comedy” on his hands, kept screening the film in Los Angeles once a week.

It has since exploded in America as a pop cultural phenomenon, thanks to DVD release and regular screenings across the country, in which the audience joins in a’la The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I haven’t personally seen The Room yet (no point until I can see it with a bunch of people in a cinema I figure) so I’ll pass it over to reliable Wikipedia to provide you with more information.

If you live in Melbourne, do not miss this opportunity to check out The Room. It opens February 6th at Cinema Nova. Oh, and make sure you tell us all about it!

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4 Responses to “The Room heads to Australia!”

  1. What a crazy coincidence – I just ordered this from Amazon. Goddammit though this had better screen in Sydney.

  2. I'm worried that if I see the full film, the sheer majesty of the trailer will be ruined for me. I fricken LOVE that trailer!

  3. The Room is absolutely amazing!! I saw it in LA last year, and really hope Nova get a great crowd. SPOOONS!!!!!

  4. I love The Room! I first saw it after a friend's housemate procured a copy and let my friend borrow it. She had a screening at her house and about 20 people came. It is such gold. Love love love

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