Fast and Furious 5 and 6 in development?


Vin Diesel has revealed on his Facebook page that Universal are developing two more Fast and Furious films.

I’ll hand it over to the man’s meticulously crafted “press release” for further information.

“If 2009’s ‘Fast and Furious’ was chapter one, what writer Chris Morgan just delivered is Chapter 2 and chapter 3. I have never been submitted a two story saga from a studio before… it is very exciting, and shows a commitment level that is hard not to respond to. Excited about the sexy locations the filming of this saga would take us… this novel like story, that has twists and unexpected turns that is authentic, truthful and challenging to the characters. P.s. Working through the weekend, will have updates later in the week on our others projects. Truly your voice is being heard in ways one couldn’t have imagined. Gracias.”

Then he posted this image of himself.

Alright then.

Chris Morgan was the screenwriter for Fast and Furious, the fourth film of the F&F franchise which reunited the stars of the original film, The Fast and the Furious. It is unknown whether Diesel’s co-stars Paul Walker and Jordanna Brewster or director Justin Lin have been approached with these new screenplays.

It makes sense that Universal would want to make a commitment to this series. Fast and Furious grossed a massive $343 million in 2009; an impressive feat that preceded a number of high profile flops such as Duplicity, State of Play, Land of the Lost and Drag Me To Hell.

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