Peter Sarsgaard in to play Green Lantern villain?


Peter Sarsgaard is in talks to play the villain in Warner Bros upcoming superhero flick The Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds is set to play Hal Jordan, the test pilot who happens upon a powerful ring enabling him to join the intergalactic police force known as The Green Lanterns.

Sarsgaard is considering the role of Dr. Hector Hammond, a senator with daddy issues who develops psychic powers after discovering a meteor. Obviously, he and Jordan clash.

Hammond is described by THR as “a disappointment in his father’s eyes”. It is a fitting role for Sarsgaard, who has made a career out of playing sexually and emotionally inadequate men.

It was announced earlier this week that Blake Lively would play Carol Ferris, an aerospace company exec and Jordan’s love interest.

The Martin Campbell directed flick will begin shooting in Louisiana, New Orleans this March. It is set to hit cinemas June 17, 2011.

Discuss: Sarsgaard is a great choice and instantly makes this (already intriguing) project one to keep an eye on. Your thoughts?

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