Australian family groups decry Kick Ass


Australian family groups are outraged with the upcoming superhero flick Kick Ass. Why? Well, why not!

Australian Family Association spokesman John Morrissey told The Daily Telegraph that family groups are upset with the film’s MA15+ rating.

“The language is offensive and the values inappropriate – without the saving grace of the bloodless victory of traditional superheroes,” he said.

The greatest point of contention seems to be the character Hit Girl, a foul-mouthed twelve year old assassin played by Chloe Moretz – although any complaints are based purely on the film’s trailer. It’s unclear however what the Australian Family Association wants. An R18+ rating, or just a flat-out McCarthy-style ban?


First of all, movies are not required to feature good role models, nor should every movie be made to cater for every viewer. Kick Ass is rated MA15+, which sounds fine to me (especially considering that the very graphic comic books are available for purchase by anyone of any age).

Secondly, no one takes “family groups” seriously, especially ones that take aim at movies as a means of promoting themselves.

Thirdly, the Australian Family Association has embarrassed themselves quite significantly here. Cinema is art, and a film can only be evaluated in context and as a whole. Therefore, neither a trailer for a film nor whispers about a film’s content is ever enough to decry it or despise it. Perhaps if Mr. Morrissey had read Mark Millar’s comics upon which the film is based, he would realise that Hit Girl is actually a satirical take on the sexualisation of violence and vigilantism in pop culture. Also, she’s a really awesome (and surprisingly morally centered) comic heroine.

Again, having not seen the film adaptation of Kick Ass, perhaps I shouldn’t assume the movie won’t be evil and deplorable. But let’s save the grandstanding and moralising when it’s finally released. If the film maintains the satirical tone of the comics, then Hit Girl’s existence is justified. And the AFA will prove to be a completely out-of-touch association that laughably takes satire at face value.

Kick Ass, directed by Matthew Vaughn, opens April 8th 2010 in Australia. DO NOT TAKE YOUNG CHILDREN TO SEE IT. However, if you are over the age of 15, enjoy! Go multiple times! You are a non-stupid person who is able to recognise the difference between satire and earnestness; cinema and reality. Why shouldn’t you see whatever movie you like?

In the meantime, can the Australian Family Association stop embarrassing our country by making such ill-informed and unnecessary claims. ‘kay thanks!

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