Rudd and Galifianakis team up with Little Miss Sunshine directors


Paul Rudd and Zack Galifianakis are set to star in Will, a new comedy penned by Demetri Martin and set to be directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

Demetri’s script was featured on the 2007 Black List, which is a recount of the most popular screenplays compiled by film executives and high-level assistants in any one year.

Rudd is set to play Will (hey, that’s the name of the movie!), a regular guy with a girlfriend and a job. His life is much like the majority of people in the world – completely average. This is no coincidence. In the universe of this film, each human is assigned a ‘Life Writer’ from ‘The Beyond’, who is responsible for writing every detail of each person’s life.

Will’s ‘Life Writer’ Aimsley (Galifianakis) is bored of his task. He wants to start writing the life of someone more exciting than Will. As his job dissatisfaction grows, he begins to drop the ball on Will’s ‘life script’. Soon, Will finds himself without a ‘Life Writer’ and completely free to do whatever he wants. Free will. Get it?

The betrothed Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris made their motion picture debut with Little Miss Sunshine. They will direct Will for Paramount. There is no slated release date.

I love the talent that has been assembled here. I’m a big fan of Rudd, Galifianakis and Martin, and Little Miss Sunshine was my favourite film of 2006.

Hopefully this project turns out more like The Truman Show and less like The Invention of Lying.

Discuss: What’s with all these exciting comedies being given such boring, name-related titles. First Paul, now Will?

One Response to “Rudd and Galifianakis team up with Little Miss Sunshine directors”

  1. Sounds like that Will Ferrell movie, what's it, ah, "Stranger Than Fiction". Not that I'm accusing Demetri of plagiarismo, he is a comedic hero after all.

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