The most complained about films of 2009!

Here’s a question: Which film received the most complaints from Australians in 2009? Was it Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for its cruel depiction of ‘ethnic’ robots? The Ugly Truth for its overall demeanor towards women? Or perhaps it was The Final Destination, simply for existing? I contacted the Office of Film and Literature Classification to find out. The answer (for people who have somehow managed to not look at the below picture) is after the jump.

The OFLC have revealed that the Will Ferrell “family” comedy Land of the Lost was the most complained about film of 2009. In light of the film’s tremendous financial failures, it’s nice to see it can be rewarded with a small victory such as this. The OFLC received 39 complaints regarding the film’s sexual references and coarse language, which the complainants believed were inappropriate for a PG rated film.

Back in June we reported that Land of the Lost had claimed the top spot in only two weeks of release. It held off fierce competition in the remaining six months of the year to retain its crown. So who did it beat?

2. Bruno, with an impressive 31 complaints. Although rated MA15+, complainants believed that the film was not suitable for children and that the film should have instead been rated R18+. One question? Who are the messed up parents taking young children to see Bruno in the first place?!

3. Watchmen received 21 complaints regarding its violence, nudity and hilarious sex scene.

4. A Christmas Carol. The OFLC received 13 complaints about the film’s PG classification, claiming the picture was far too frightening for children (Jim Carrey’s dead motion-captured-eyes have that effect).

5. My Bloody Valentine. This I love … complainants believed that the film was rated too high! The majority of the 13 complainants were under the age of 18, and therefore were unable to see the film. I don’t know who these kids are, but they are my heroes.

6. The Bank Job. 8 people complaining about the film’s nudity and sex scenes. Again, this is an MA15+ film for adults. Sigh.

7. The PG rated Coraline. Six complainants believed the film was too scary for children for a PG rating.

8. Inglourious Basterds. The six complaints submitted to the OFLC were regarding the violence, and surprisingly, not inquiries as to where people can buy their own Hans Landa pipe.

9. Australia’s own Mary and Max, which also received six complaints regarding the dark themes of the film.

10. The Proposal. Received six complaints about the sexual references and nudity in the PG rated film. What are they upset about? Sandra Bullock is looking pretty great at 45!

Discuss: So, what will take the top spot in 2010? Actually you know what, forget I asked.

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