Samson and Delilah makes Oscar shortlist


Warwick Thornton‘s AFI-award winning film Samson and Delilah has inched closer to an Academy Award nomination, having made it onto the shortlist of films eligible for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

We reported back in September 2009 that the film would be Australia’s official entry into the Best Foreign Language Film category. It joined 65 films from around the world; a list which has now been whittled down by the Academy to just 9.

They include:

The Secret in Their Eyes (Argentina)
Samson and Delilah (Australia)
The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner (Bulgaria)
A Prophet (France)
The White Ribbon (Germany)
Ajami (Israel)
Kelin (Kazakhstan)
Winter in Wartime (Netherlands)
The Milk of Sorrow (Peru)

Germany’s The White Ribbon picked up the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film earlier this week.

The final five nominees will be announced (along with the rest of the nominations) on February 2nd. The Academy Awards will take place on March 7th.

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