The Hangover goes for Best Picture at Oscars!


There are only 8 days to go until the Academy announce their 82nd batch of nominees and Warner Bros is keen to have their surprise comedy hit The Hangover named amongst usual suspects such as Avatar, The Hurt Locker and Up in the Air.

In honour of The Hangover’s recent Best Film (Comedy or Musical) victory at the Golden Globes, the WB have published the following For Your Consideration ad in Variety, pushing the film for … you guessed it … Best Picture.

Click on the image below to see it in high-resolution.

We previously scoffed when WB purchased the cover of Variety back in November to promote The Hangover for potential Golden Globe nominations. Can this film really take one of the 10 Best Picture slots at the Academy Awards?

I can’t help but feel nostalgic about June 2009, when I discussed (at length) a controversial edit of the film’s Australian theatrical release, specifically regarding Zack Galifianakis‘, ahem, member. Now here we are, discussing whether or not the film could beat The Hurt Locker to Best Picture.

June 2009 seemed like such a simpler time…

Discuss: OK, does The Hangover have a chance?

One Response to “The Hangover goes for Best Picture at Oscars!”

  1. Expanding the field to 10 nominations for the Best Picture Oscar is cheapening the prestige and exclusiveness of the award. Try and see if you can really name more than 6 or 7 movies that deserve the nomination. The Hangover certainly does not.

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