Avatar fun facts! Just how much beer CAN you buy with its box office gross?

The team at 20th Century Fox have put together a lovely little press release full of Avatar fun facts. It couldn’t have come sooner, because frankly, it’s about time that film got some attention.

Despite the Avatar-over-saturation that I’m sure we’re all experiencing, there are some nifty little tidbits about the film’s Australian box office domination.

Allow me to repeat them exactly as written:

  • Approx one in five Australians have seen Avatar.
  • Australians ditched the traditional “back yard barbie” making Avatar the highest grossing film ever on Australia Day, taking $AUS1.4 million in its 40th day of release.
  • The gross Australian box office tally for Avatar would buy enough beer to fill approx seven Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • Darling Harbour IMAX now have the 2nd largest takings in the world for a single screen theatre.
  • Avatar made $AU58.678 million in 22 days. It took the previous record holder (Titanic) a year to make $AU57.650 million.
  • Over 4 million 3D glasses have been issued – with moviegoers desperate to catch it in 3D.
  • The number of Australians who have seen Avatar is equivalent to filling the SCG 117 times over.

All marketing patter, but impressive figures nonetheless.

Allow me to add one more statistic: Avatar has so-far grossed $AU88.856 million in Australia, making it the highest grossing film in the nation’s history. Its nearest competitor is Titanic, sitting on a measly $AU57.650 million.

Discuss: That’s a lot of beer, huh?!

2 Responses to “Avatar fun facts! Just how much beer CAN you buy with its box office gross?”

  1. These figures are scary!Wonder how many millions of 3D glasses have already been lost behind people's couches.

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