Lake Mungo makes waves in the U.S.


Low budget Aussie thriller Lake Mungo has made an auspicious debut at the fourth annual After Dark Horrorfest in the U.S. The faux-documentary is now lined up for an American remake.

Lake Mungo’s U.S. poster.

The Joel Anderson directed flick tells the story of Alice Palmer, a teenager who drowns while swimming in the local dam. Following her burial, the Palmer family begins to experience a series of unsettling events in their home. They seek the help of a psychic, and together they discover that Alice had a secret past, inextricably connected to Lake Mungo. The film incorporates “found footage” of Alice’s past, as well as of the supernatural events occurring in the Palmer household.

The film was booted out of Australian cinemas seemingly before it had even arrived. Although I haven’t seen it, it is now available on DVD in Australia, so I hope you will join me in checking it out immediately.

Lake Mungo’s Australian poster.

Apparently, the Americans love it. Paramount Vantage just signed a deal back in December to develop a U.S. remake of the film with producer Roy Lee (the man responsible for the American remakes of The Ring and The Grudge).

Orphan screenwriter David Leslie Johnson is writing the remake’s screenplay, while Australian producers David Rapsey and Georgie Neville are executive producing.

It would have been nice if the original Lake Mungo could have been released to mainstream American cinemas, a’la Paranormal Activity. Rapsey rationalises the remake by saying, “the Australian dialect is too difficult for a mainstream audience.”


Check out the American trailer for Lake Mungo here
, seemingly featuring a voice-over from the narrator of (500) Days of Summer.

Discuss: What are your thoughts on Lake Mungo? Did it have the potential to be the next Paranormal Activity?

One Response to “Lake Mungo makes waves in the U.S.”

  1. Lake Mungo is better than Paranormal Activity, although not as "scary". It's more gently creepy, but is a deeply effective and the Lake Mungo scene itself is absolutely terrifying.

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