Red Hill – Australia’s answer to No Country for Old Men?


The trailer for Aussie western Red Hill has debuted online, and it has to be one of the most entrancing and exciting teasers I’ve seen in a long time.

The film stars Ryan Kwanten as Constable Shane Cooper, a young police officer who relocates to the small country town of Red Hill with his pregnant wife in tow. However, his first day on the beat will be one he never forgets. A prison break sends the town into a panic, and a murderous convict returns to Red Hill to seek revenge.

I’m picking up a real No Country For Old Men/Unforgiven vibe from this trailer, and that’s not a bad thing. In the past few years, Australian filmmakers have proven to be just as adept at making Westerns as their American counterparts (see: The Proposition, The Tracker).

Check out the gorgeous trailer below, and let us know your thoughts!

Red Hill is the feature film directorial debut for Patrick Hughes, who made his name with the Tropfest winning short film The Lighter. At last year’s Cannes film festival he won a Cannes Lion award for his short-film/Schweppes promo Signs.

Hughes looks set to further his already impressive film festival reputation when Red Hill makes its debut at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival in the Panorama section, where the world is presented with films that ‘provide the market with inspiration’.

The 60th Annual Berlin International Film Festival kicks off February 12 and wraps up on the 21st. Here’s hoping that Red Hill sees the same success at Berlin that fellow Aussie feature Animal Kingdom saw at Sundance.

Red Hill is set to hit Australian cinemas mid-2010. The film also stars Steve Bisley, Claire Van Der Boom, Kevin Harrington and Tom E. Lewis.

Discuss: Who could have imagined that Ryan Kwanten would be one of our best acting exports?! He’s doing some great work on True Blood, and Red Hill could be a big step forward for him. This is Vinny from Home and Away we’re talking about here!

4 Responses to “Red Hill – Australia’s answer to No Country for Old Men?”

  1. Looks good, cool mix of old and new. Like that you mention The Proposition, best Western of the past decade. Never heard of The Tracker, but putting that on the Netflix queue asap. Kinda sad that Australians make better Westerns that Americans do right now.

  2. Dude, Tom E. Lewis deserves his own link too. He was Jimmie Blacksmith in Schepisi's film and was in The Proposition too. Nice to see him here, having a bigger role.

  3. looks awesome!!!!!!!!! cant wait

  4. Don’t bother worst piece of Aussie crap, the criminal could ‘ve been shot so many times, and when the guy with the handgun missed at close range, that was ridiculous, my dead grandma could shot better than that, and the guy who had him in the scope who took more than 10 secs to shoot, what a total crock, I give it -10stars for wasting everyones time and mkoney

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