Avatar crosses $100 million at Aus box office

James Cameron‘s Avatar has crossed the magic $AU100 million mark in Australia, a record at the local box office. Oddly, Fox have not translated this figure into the official measurement of Avatar’s grosses: swimming pools full of beer.

The previous title holder in Australia was Cameron’s previous film, Titanic, which collected $AU57.65 million. Avatar destroyed that record in just 22 days.

According to the Twentieth Century Fox press release, Avatar has now been seen by 5.8 million Australians; roughly 27% of the population. This of course doesn’t account for repeat viewings. Still, that’s a lot of tickets sold.

Avatar has grossed $US2.242 billion worldwide. That is so much money.

In three weeks, Avatar will lose many of its 3D screens to Alice in Wonderland, so we will likely see the film top out at $US2.5 billion. However, what with the Oscars taking place March 7th, and Avatar a favourite for many of the major categories, there might still be some legs in this baby yet.

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One Response to “Avatar crosses $100 million at Aus box office”

  1. It didn't surprise me at all that Avatar reached such a number at the Aus box office. When I was back home in Brazil last January, it was a hit and everyone was talking about it!Haven't seen it yet though… lol

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