Breaking Dawn will be filmed this year – in 2 parts


Deadline is reporting that Breaking Dawn, the fourth book of Stephanie Meyer’s ultra-successful Twilight saga, will be adapted into TWO feature films. They will supposedly be filmed back-to-back, with production starting this October.

We have previously discussed the inherit difficulty in adapting Breaking Dawn, particularly due to the bizarre elements featured in Meyer’s critically maligned novel. The fans took us to task (as per usual) and suggested the book be split into 2 films, a’la Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Well, their wish is Summit Entertainment’s command.

According to the report, Summit are looking for “high end” directors for the job. It is unlikely that Catherine Hardwicke (director of the first Twilight film) will be asked to return, especially after she was unceremoniously booted off the sequel. New Moon director Chris Weitz and Eclipse helmer David Slade would be the most likely contenders. Of course, Summit may go 4 for 4 and look for an entirely new director to conclude the series.

Eh, whatever. Waiting for Summit’s confirmation…..

The Twilight Saga’s Eclipse is set for release June 30.

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One Response to “Breaking Dawn will be filmed this year – in 2 parts”

  1. YES!!!! Great news – and so it should be split into two films. How they made New Moon into one film is beyond me too. The 4 books series could easily have been an 8 series movie. You miss out on so much info just to cram in in to a 2 hour feature.

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