Head to Head – Jennifer’s Body

Welcome to the latest edition of Head to Head, in which our Quickflix critic takes on our readers in a rip-snorting battle to the death! You pick the film, and we pick the fight!

This week, Catherine Harry performed an honest-to-blog exorcism on the Megan Fox horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body. For her troubles, she scored a double pass to From Paris With Love. You can win free movie tickets too by sending your mini-reviews to us here at Quickflix!

Catherine Harry will argue AGAINST the film while Quickflix critic Simon Miraudo will argue FOR it. Let us know in the comments section below who you agree with. Spare no vitriol! Choose your side! There can only be one winner!

Catherine Harry – 0.5/5

There aren’t many movies where I would seriously ask for the time they took from my life back but this is one of them!!! I realise that I am not the teenage boy demographic that they were after for Jennifer’s Body, but who are they trying to kid? The tag line “She’s evil…and not just High School evil” should have screamed ‘warning don’t go there’. The plot of a band turning Jennifer (Megan Fox) into a possessed seducer who eats her prey, all the while ‘freaking out’ her best friend may have had “potential”. However, it simply didn’t live up to expectations because the story had holes all over the place and the characters were never developed enough for you to care if they were eaten or not. The only redeeming factor was a couple of cool special effects that distorted Fox’s face and made her spew out an oil slick the size of Texas!

Simon Miraudo – 3.5/5

Sigh. I get the feeling that people are going to continue to rag on Megan Fox films regardless of their quality, so long as she keeps appearing on magazine covers. No, I’m not trying to paint her as some sort of master thespian. In fact, the majority of her films are sub-terrible (coughrevengeofthefallencough). But I feel like people are dismissing Jennifer’s Body as some brainless horror vehicle, while there is a little more to it than meets the eye. Diablo Cody‘s clever script (although occasionally a little too self-aware) features some pretty hilarious moments, most involving Adam Brody‘s self-involved indie rock star Nikolai. And you know what – I thought Fox was good in this! She’s playing a whiny, over-sexed, inconsiderate, she-wolf. If there is such a thing as perfect casting…

Now it’s over to you! What are your thoughts on Jennifer’s Body? Let us know in the comments section below. If you would like to be featured in the next Head to Head and possibly win some free movie tickets, send your mini-reviews to us here at Quickflix!

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