Judd Apatow producing Kristen Wiig comedy

source: variety.com

Comedy kingpin Judd Apatow will produce a film written by and starring Saturday Night Live comedienne Kristen Wiig.

The untitled picture was co-written by Wiig and Annie Mumolo. The project will be Wiig’s first as leading lady. She had supporting roles in the films Knocked Up, Whip It and Adventureland.

According to Variety, the film revolves “around women competing to plan a friend’s wedding party.”

Paul Feig, creator of the great television show Freaks and Geeks, is slated to direct. Apatow was a writer, director and executive producer on the ill-fated show. Hopefully this news will help push along an Australian DVD release of this excellent show (which introduced the world to Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jason Segel and Martin Starr).

We only recently discussed
how Apatow’s slate of films looked light, with Get Him to the Greek his only 2010 release. I guess he was keeping this little nugget a secret.

Production is expected to begin on the untitled Kristen Wiig project in the next couple of months.

Discuss: Kristen Wiig is pretty much the funniest living woman (sorry Tina Fey) so this is great news. Your thoughts?

One Response to “Judd Apatow producing Kristen Wiig comedy”

  1. The combination of these three has me giddy with anticipation. About time Wiig gets a leading role! Also looking forward to Paul & Macgruber.

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