Zoolander 2 very close! Jonah Hill to play villain?

source: deadline.com

The long-touted sequel to Zoolander looks like it might actually be happening. Ben Stiller and Paramount have reportedly enlisted Iron Man 2 screenwriter Justin Theroux to write the film and also direct.
Stiller will, obviously, reprise his role as dim-witted Derek Zoolander.

Theroux and Stiller previously co-wrote Tropic Thunder together. Theroux also had a cameo in the original Zoolander film as a dreadlocked, breakdancing evil DJ.

Paramount are approaching Owen Wilson to hopefully return as Hansel, while Jonah Hill is in negotiations to play the film’s villain.

In the original film, Stiller played a male model who accidentally became entwined in an international conspiracy. The film arrived in cinemas September 28, 2001 – not opportune timing for a zany comedy. A flop during its theatrical run, Zoolander built a massive audience on DVD.

Paramount will likely keep the budget for the film below $US50 million.

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One Response to “Zoolander 2 very close! Jonah Hill to play villain?”

  1. Nobody will ever know whether or not I just squealed like a little girl upon reading this…

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