The Oscar season that was…

Is there anything else to say? We’ve been following the Oscar trail for almost 6 months, and we are literally days away from learning what the Academy has chosen as their favourite films and performances of the past year. Join us as we take a look back on the Oscar season that was…

It all began in June of 2009, when the Academy announced that the Best Picture category would expand from five to ten films. We suggested this was exactly the kind of move that would help smaller films like An Education and Precious get Best Picture nods – and that’s exactly what happened.

In November, we celebrated the hiring of duel-hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, but lamented the absence of a singing, dancing Wolverine from the ceremony.

Early on, before we knew that District 9 would be a contender (and well before we even knew what The Blind Side was), we discussed the Oscar chances of films Nine, The Road, Funny People and The Hangover. We believed that each had a genuine shot at a Best Picture nomination. Don’t judge us. It was a different time!

Back in August we told people to quell their overly high expectations for Avatar – only to admit that it was the leading Best Picture contender in December following its record breaking run in cinemas.

We got all excited at the prospect of Aussie films Mary and Max and Samson and Delilah picking up nominations – only to have our hearts broken when the official nominees were announced. Our dissent was noted in our annual “Oscar Fallout” recap.

We first met The Hurt Locker back in April, where we discussed its awards successes from the previous year. We witnessed The Hurt Locker dominate all the guild awards, triumph at the WGA, the PGA, and even get praised by those finicky Brits at the BAFTAs. However, the Golden Globes threw a wrench into The Hurt Locker’s unrivaled run by awarding Avatar Best Film and James Cameron Best Director. Several days later, the Basterds stole some of Team Bigelow’s thunder at the SAGs, hinting at a possible upset come Oscar night.

Of course, once February rolled around, The Hurt Locker returned to the podium. Kathryn Bigelow was named Best Director by the DGA, the first female in history to achieve the honour.

But of course, the Academy would go on to …

Oh wait, this story isn’t actually finished yet. Be sure to check back here Monday, the 8th of March to find out who picked up the prestigious prizes. Believe us, we’re not finished talking about the Oscars yet. After all, the next Academy Award season begins in four days!

Discuss: Share with us some of your thoughts from this Oscar season. My favourite moment? Right here.

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