Jim from The Office edges closer to Captain America

Late last month we discussed the shortlist of actors in contention for the coveted role of Captain America in Joe Johnston’s upcoming adaptation of the Marvel comics hero. New reports have emerged indicating that one of these actors now sits atop the pack and, unsurprisingly, it is the most famous one.

UPDATE: OK, so maybe we jumped the gun on this one. Deadline now reporting that Krasinski is out of the running.

According to Fox 411 , John Krasinski (of The Office and It’s Complicated fame) is now the leading contender for the role of scientifically engineered super soldier Steve Rogers (A.K.A. Captain America).

Krasinski has supposedly read for the role four times, and even delivered two separate costume screen tests. Marvel insiders tell Fox 411 that Krasinski has not yet been locked down, as they are continuing to test him alongside different actresses being considered for the female lead (who are at this point still unknown).

Cinematical have been reporting Krasinski as the one and only contender for the role since February.

In other news, Slashfilm have revealed that unfunny comedian Dane Cook also auditioned for the role of Steve Rogers. Say what you will about John Krasinski, he’s a better choice than Cook.

Of course, until Krasinski signs up for The First Avenger: Captain America (and subsequently nine other Marvel features), it’s important that we not think of this thing as done and dusted. Personally, I’m a fan of Krasinski and appreciate the somewhat unexpected pick for the legendary comic hero.

The question becomes, what do you think of John Krasinski as Captain America?

The First Avenger: Captain America, opens July 22nd, 2011. Production is expected to begin in June.

Discuss: What, you want me to repeat myself? See above!

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