Hugo Weaving to star in Captain America

Although Marvel Studios are yet to pick the eponymous star of their upcoming feature The First Avenger: Captain America, Hugo Weaving has been tapped to star as the film’s major villain.

According to HeatVision, Weaving is in final talks to play the villainous Red Skull, Hitler’s right hand man and the Captain’s archenemy since 1941.

Director Joe Johnson previously worked with Weaving on The Wolfman.

As is traditional with all casting news regarding Marvel projects, believe nothing until you see the final film. Mere days ago, John Krasinski was a sure thing to take on the lead role of the classic comic Avenger, only to become the least likely contender hours later.

As it stands, Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Sunshine), Mike Vogel (Cloverfield) and Garret Hedlund (TRON: Legacy) are still in the running to play Captain America. So naturally, we can assume Taylor Lautner will be cast in a couple of days time.

Discuss: If Weaving stars in Captain America, he’ll have even less time to watch Transformers!

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