Robin Hood feature trailer debut

A brand new trailer for Ridley Scott‘s Robin Hood has debuted online. For anyone who has ever wanted to see Cate Blanchett threaten to “sever” Russell Crowe‘s “manhood”, your time has come.

Crowe stars as Robin Hood (obviously) while Blanchett plays Maid Marion. They are joined by AFI winner Oscar Isaac (Balibo) as King John and Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes) as his henchman Sir Godfrey.

Quickflix favourites Kevin Durand, Danny Huston and Max von Sydow also have supporting roles.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think! (Thanks, Trailer Addict!)

Robin Hood hits Australian cinemas May 13, 2010.

Discuss: What do you think? An exciting new take on an old legend, or just Gladiator 2.0 (or should that be 3.0)?

One Response to “Robin Hood feature trailer debut”

  1. It looks like Gladiator with Arrows… waste of time

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