Katherine Heigl’s guide to imaginative movie posters

Well, at least she has a different hairdo.

Discuss: Which actor would you like to see Heigl standing beside in front of a white background next?

3 Responses to “Katherine Heigl’s guide to imaginative movie posters”

  1. As long as it has the very hot Ms. Katherine Heigl in the poster who really cares about who she is with.

  2. Katherine totally leaves me cold – she seems a nasty, catty diva. I avoid movies because she's in it. Those posters are a reason not to see either movie.

  3. I just caught the trailer for this and it's… wow. Heigl must just refuse to play any character other than the same idiotic, brainless, stuttering, stuck-up, self-centred git that she's played in, well, EVERYTHING she's done. Bravo Katherine, my money will be spent elsewhere. My wife's cash will probably suffer a worse fate though.

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