The cast and crew of Mad Men sing karaoke

A video of the cast and crew of Mad Men singing (drunkenly, we assume) Bye Bye Birdie has leaked online. It’s really strange. (Thanks Vulture for pointing this out.)

The clip was created as a ‘thank you’ for creator Matt Weiner at the conclusion of the show’s brilliant third season. It even comes with a blooper reel!

Don Draper dancing?! Peggy Olsen texting?! Roger Stirling in a wig?! Naked Harry Crane!? This thing has it all!

For those of you who haven’t seen it, the song Bye Bye Birdie plays a fairly significant role in the show’s third season. In case, you know, that clip didn’t make any sense.

Discuss: Where was Joanie?!

One Response to “The cast and crew of Mad Men sing karaoke”

  1. Joanie wasn't in season 3 that much. So it must have been her day off lol.

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