Is Logan Lerman playing Spiderman or not?

We didn’t run this rumour when it first emerged back in February, but lately it’s been picking up some speed on the blogosphere. However, before we could even discuss the idea of Logan Lerman playing Spiderman in the upcoming reboot of the Marvel franchise, Sony insiders are now claiming he will NOT take the coveted role.

According to Hitfix, Lerman (star of Percy Jackson and the Olympians) is Sony Pictures number one choice to star as Peter Parker/Spider in Marc Webbs grittier take on the webbed comic hero.

However, Deadline have come out saying that Lerman “is not on the list of candidates being seriously considered.”

So, absolutely nothing has changed since you began reading this article.

Spiderman 4 is expected to begin production later this year – hopefully.

Discuss: Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another Captain America casting fiasco.

One Response to “Is Logan Lerman playing Spiderman or not?”

  1. Wow that went nowhere fast. 🙂

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