Let’s go HEAD TO HEAD! Special lightsaber edition!

We’re not big on bragging here at Quickflix, except when it comes to our HEAD TO HEAD feature, which is, without question, the best thing to ever happen to the internet. Want to learn more about how to join in on the festivities? Scroll past the Jedi cats and find out!

With our HEAD TO HEAD feature, we replicate the addictive sensation of a passionate and fiery film related argument. You have the opportunity to defend films you love and decry films you hate! You can argue about a film’s artistic merit, or argue about the state of cinema in general! Or, like our resident reviewer Simon Miraudo, you can get really personal and question the mental stability of those that disagree with you!

You could win FREE MOVIE TICKETS by sending us mini-reviews of the movies you love (or love to hate)! Any film is on the table. Nothing is off limits. Be brave! Be daring! Be controversial! Defend the films no one else will, or cut down some tall poppies that always get a free ride!

“I’m telling you man, Return of the Jedi is the WORST Star Wars film!”
“And that is why you will DIE.”

The best and most convincing reviews will be published on the Quickflix Blog in our regular Head to Head feature, as well as on the News and Reviews page on the Quickflix site. Our Quickflix critic Simon Miraudo will argue against you, and the winner will be selected by the Quickflix community!

But don’t freak out! Win or lose, if your review is selected for publication, we’ll send you FREE MOVIE TICKETS to a great new release film! Now we only have limited tickets to send out and ONLY THE PUBLISHED REVIEWERS WILL RECEIVE TICKETS.

Check out some examples here:

So what are you waiting for! Email us with your mini-review (no more than 150 words) and a picture of yourself (optional, but please do!) and you could find yourself the victor of Australia’s fiercest, most-brutal showdown since Thunderdome.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this just got real.

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