Mad Men to end after sixth season

Mad Men, the best show on television and your one stop destination for lively karaoke, will come to a close in 2012 following the completion of its sixth season.

UPDATE: AMC emailed NY Mag’s Vulture, assuring them that Weiner’s comments had been blown out of proportion, and Mad Men could potentially continue on through 2013. Now, back to the original story:

Show creator Matt Weiner unceremoniously revealed the program’s expiration date at the National Associations of Broadcasters convention in Los Vegas.

According to The Weekly Blend, the decision has nothing to do with the show’s relatively low ratings (although they did increase during the third season). Instead, Weiner simply stated that he could not imagine continuing the show past a sixth season.

Production on the award-winning show’s fourth season recently commenced, and will debut later in the year. The program focuses on the lives of several Madison Avenue marketing executives in the 60s.

I guess Weiner now has three years to explain what the secret of that damn island is! Oh wait, wrong show.

Discuss: Six seasons seems like a fair run for a show like Mad Men. What long-running program would you like to announce the impending cancellation of?

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