The Rundown: April 15-21

Hey Quickflixers! Welcome to the latest installment of The Rundown, a new feature that will appear on the blog every Wednesday, highlighting our favourite news items from the past 7 days, as well as notable box office and weekly rental figures.

So, what did we learn this week?

The lineup for the 2010 Cannes Film Festival was announced – not that it really mattered. With Tim Burton presiding over the jury, we can expect whatever vaguely gothic-looking film to take the Palme d’Or (sorry Mike Leigh).

Joss Whedon was enlisted to rewrite both The Avengers and The First Avenger: Captain America. The former will now feature absolutely no dialogue, while the latter will be a musical (that one’s for all the Buffy fans).

Kirsten Dunst was hired to star in Lars von Trier’s upcoming thriller Melancholia. The film begins shooting in July. We expect to hear about Dunst’s nervous breakdown early August.

Bond producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Brocolli pulled the plug on production of the upcoming 007 flick, due to distributor MGM’s uncertain financial situation. Although we’re sad that we now have to wait even longer before Daniel Craig dives back into the role of the superspy, we’re more than a little thankful that we’ll have more time to forget about Quantum of Solace.

We found out that those lovable, misogynist Mad Men will say goodbye at the conclusion of the show’s sixth season in 2012. No more Mad Men post-2012?! This is an even worse doomsday scenario than Roland Emmerich could have ever imagined!

We also had our first glimpse of Emma Stone in Easy A, struggled to behold the beauty of Gaspar Noe’s afterlife drama Enter the Void and cackled as Wikus van der Merwe (of District 9) invited Charlize Theron to the South African Music Awards.

Top 5 Quickflix Rentals

1. The Twilight Saga’s New Moon
2. 2012
3. Julie and Julia
4. The Ugly Truth
5. Couples Retreat

In Cinemas This Week

Hot Tub Time Machine
Accidents Happen
When In Rome

On DVD This Week

The Lovely Bones
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

On DVD Next Week

It’s Complicated
Away We Go

Weekend Box Office Apr 15 -18*

1. How To Train Your Dragon
WKND = $2,095,092 / TOTAL = $17,430,659
2. Date Night
WKND = $1,736,984 /TOTAL = $4,843,145
3. Clash Of The Titans
WKND = $1,699,644 / TOTAL = $16,302,529
4. The Book of Eli
WKND = $1,329,233 / TOTAL = $1,329,933
5. Kick Ass
WKND = $1,117,349 /TOTAL = $3,555,605
6. Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang
WKND = $1,046,892 / TOTAL = $ 7,269,318
7. The Last Song
WKND = $807,107 / TOTAL = $5,712,636
8. Alice in Wonderland
WKND = $756,052 / TOTAL = $36,108,348
9. Beneath Hill 60
WKND = $548,371 / TOTAL = $548,815
10. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
WKND = $325,153 / TOTAL = $2,800,666

*From Urban Cinefile.

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