Monsters, Inc. sequel to debut November 2012

Disney has revealed that Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. 2 will debut November 16th, 2012.

It was confirmed back in June 2009 that Pixar would indeed work on a sequel to their hit 2001 flick.

Pixar, who once announced they were “not in the sequel business”, have a second sequel to Toy Story hitting cinemas in June this year, as well as a sequel to Cars set to debut in 2011.

Of course, I would never accuse Pixar of being hypocrites. They could produce a million Toy Story/Monsters, Inc. sequels and they would each be better than the majority of films that see release.

That being said, I’ll always be more excited to see Pixar tackle a new, exciting concept (Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up) than simply another sequel.

Head on over to Slashfilm to read more about Monsters, Inc. 2 as well as Pixar’s other upcoming project, Brave.

Discuss: How do you feel about Pixar’s slate of upcoming projects?

One Response to “Monsters, Inc. sequel to debut November 2012”

  1. Hmm, hopefully David Silverman will be involved.

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