Jonah Hex trailer and poster debut

The first official trailer for Jonah Hex has debuted online, featuring Josh Brolin as the scarred wild-west gunslinger, Megan Fox as his squeeze and John Malkovich as a dastardly villain.

It’s a little unusual that we’re only seeing the first footage from the film now – a mere month and a half before it hits American cinemas.

There have been plenty of rumours implying that production of the film has been troubled. Prior to shooting, original directors Neveldine and Taylor (Crank) left the project citing “creative differences“, leaving their script behind. The screenplay was supposedly retooled when Horton Hears A Who-helmer Jimmy Hayward came on board. Earlier this year, WB ordered some reshoots, with Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) brought on board as a “consultant” to Hayward.

You can read about the whole ordeal, specifically from the frustrated perspective of Mastodon lead singer and the film’s co-composer Brent Hinds over at NYMag’s Vulture.

But anyway, we have the trailer now. Check it out and let us know your thoughts (Thanks Trailer Addict)!

You can also take a look at the film’s new poster below.

Jonah Hex, based on the comic by John Albano and Tony DeZuniga, also stars Michael Fassbender, Will Arnett and Michael Shannon. It hits Aussie cinemas August 5th.

Discuss: Does Jonah Hex look like the result of a troubled production? Does it even matter?

One Response to “Jonah Hex trailer and poster debut”

  1. Looks like your typical action flick. Nothing too special, a good mindless popcorn flick.

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