Rambo is no more!

For those of you looking forward to seeing John Rambo eviscerate despots well into his seventies, we have bad news. Sylvester Stallone has told Empire that the Rambo franchise is done and dusted.

Sly said of the long-rumoured Rambo V:

“I think Rambo’s pretty well done. I don’t think there’ll be any more. I’m about 99% sure.”

We were somewhat (perhaps morbidly) excited to see Rambo take on a sci-fi foe in the proposed fifth film in the series, The Savage Hunt.

However, it makes sense that he would call it a day after the 2008 film Rambo (the fourth in the series), as it features a conclusion in which the Vietnam vet kills everyone in the world with a .50-caliber machine gun

You can read more of Stallone’s quotes regarding his decision to call it a day on the Rambo franchise over at Empire.

Discuss: Sad to see this legendary character buried, or is this a fitting end to the Rambo legacy?

One Response to “Rambo is no more!”

  1. I adored the last film and it ended on the right note. I'm glad Sly is putting it to rest.

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