Farrell to play smooth vamp in Fright Night

Colin Farrell has signed on to star in the upcoming remake of the classic 1985 vampire flick Fright Night. He will join Toni Collette and Anton Yelchin in the Craig Gillespie-helmed flick.

Heat Vision are reporting that Farrell will take on the role made famous by Chris Sarandon in the original – a vampire named Jerry posing as a regular human dude.

Yelchin will play a teenager unable to convince his mother (Collette) that Jerry is in fact a blood-sucking monster preying on the neighbourhood.

Australia’s Craig Gillespie helmed the 2007 flick Lars and the Real Girl, as well as several episodes of Collette’s TV show United States of Tara.

Discuss: I’m a big fan of Farrell, so happy to see him get another leading role. But will we soon be hearing about every actor being cast as a vampire? Will this fad never end?

2 Responses to “Farrell to play smooth vamp in Fright Night”

  1. i hope it never ends. i love vampires

  2. I hope that one of these days, Hollywood actually regains some of its imagination. It seems like every other movie for the last 5 years has been a lukewarm reboot of a movie made 20 years ago.Guys, some movies are classics. They don't need a hip, new remake for the new generation. Come up with some original material.

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