Megan Fox booted from Transformers 3

Yikes. Nikke Finke over at Deadline has revealed that Paramount and Michael Bay will not be picking up Megan Fox’s option to appear in Transformers 3.

According to Finke’s source, Bay and his screenwriters are working on the script for the latest movie, in which it makes sense for Shia LaBeouf‘s character Sam to have a new love interest. Sure, and this also has nothing to do with Fox and Bay’s ongoing feud.

The Wrap are already suggesting that Gemma Arterton is currently the main contender to star as the female lead in the upcoming threequel.

Fox’s reps have come out of the woodwork to declare that it was her decision to leave the project, and that she wishes the franchise the best.

So, goodbye Mikaela Banes! Say hi to the racist robots at the bottom of Bay’s trashcan for us!

Transformers 3 will hit cinemas, sans Fox, July 2011.

Discuss: A promising move for the Transformers franchise? Did Fox really deserve the boot?

2 Responses to “Megan Fox booted from Transformers 3”

  1. Oh thank goodness. Missy got a bit too big for her boots – she was replaced rather easily, hey!

  2. This might even work out well for her. If enough people felt burnt by the abysmal Transformers 2 to not bother seeing the third film, and the movie sees a drop in the bottom line, her stock as an actress will rise as she will be credited as one of the reasons for the dip in profit. A risky play, but one that could payoff big if she gets the rep of being a 'bankable' star.That said, since Transformers 2 did even better than the first, I'm sure there are enough gormless slackjaws out there happy to line up for another 3 hours of colour and noise.

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