Winnebago Man – a doco about internet fandom, cult status and swearing

Last year I was lucky enough to catch the documentary Winnebago Man at the Revelation Perth international Film Festival. Director Ben Steinbauer has been tirelessly touring his film around the festival circuit, picking up a slew of prizes along the way. The film has secured a theatrical release in the U.S. – and that means we can share with you the brilliant new trailer.

I wrote about Winnebago Man back in January:

“[The Film] examines the cult status of viral video stars, specifically ‘Winnebago Man’ Jack Rebney (check out the video that made him famous here, but be warned, it features some cussin’). Steinbauer found in Rebney an intriguing (and hilarious) pop cultural anti-hero, and his film was one of the most enjoyable treats of 2009.”

Take a look at the Winnebago Men trailer below, but PUT YOUR HEADPHONES IN! The language on this is NSFW.

Winnebago Man opens in limited release in the United States on July 9th. Hopefully the film will get a solid release in Australia before the end of the year.

Discuss: Alright. Who is your favourite viral video star? I’ve got to give some love to Mr. Impossible is Nothing – Aleksey Vayner (who also features in Winnebago Man).

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