Controversial Killer Inside Me gets a new trailer

A new trailer for Michael Winterbottom‘s controversial film The Killer Inside Me has debuted online, along with a suitably eerie poster. See, here it is:

Based on Jim Thomson’s novel of the same name, The Killer Inside Me stars Casey Affleck as a West Texas deputy sheriff with a penchant for killing (of the serial kind). It also features Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson as the unlucky ladies in his life. The novel had previously been adapted for the screen in 1976, starring Stacy Keach in the lead role.

Winterbottom’s film debuted at Sundance earlier this year, eliciting the kind of outrage from viewers that is usually reserved for Lars von Trier films.

You can listen to the uncomfortable Q&A following the debut screening over at Screencrave.

Take a look at the feature trailer below and let us know your thoughts (thanks Trailer Addict)!

I personally preferred the original teaser trailer, which was a bit less conventional, playing up the fractured psyche of Affleck’s character (but be warned – it’s riddled with spoilers).

Australians will get to make up their own mind about the film when it debuts at the Sydney Film Festival in June. It is one of 12 films running in the official competition.

It will be released nationwide August 26th through Icon.

Discuss: Casey Affleck is one hell of a great actor. But are Alba and Hudson capable enough to keep up with him? I suppose that is more of a rhetorical question…

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