First look at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2010 lineup

A small selection of titles screening at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival have been revealed. They include Roman Polanski‘s The Ghost Writer, the controversial comedy Four Lions and the New Zealand box office sensation Boy.

The festival will also feature a tribute to Spielberg protégé and Gremlins director Joe Dante. MIFF will screen some of Dante’s cult classics, as well as his new 3D feature The Hole and the little-seen 6-hour The Movie Orgy.

The Melbourne International Film Festival runs from July 22 to August 8. Check out the First Bite brochure to read up on the full listing of features. Otherwise, take a gander at the trailers for each film below (where available).

International Panorama

The Ghost Writer – dir: Roman Polanski
Around A Small Mountain – dir: Jacques Rivette
Lebanon – dir: Samuel Maoz
Four Lions – dir: Chris Morris
Trash Humpers – dir: Harmony Korine


Videocracy – dir: Erik Gandini
Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel – dir: Brigitte Berman
Waste Land – dir: Lucy Walker, João Jardim, Karen Harley
Teenage Paparazzo – dir: Adrian Grenier
Jean-Michel Basquai: Radiant Child – dir: Tamra Davis

Neighbourhood Watch (Asia-Pacific)

City of Life and Death – dir: Chuan Lu
Air Doll – dir: Hirokazu Koreeda
Love in a Puff – dir: Pang Ho-Cheung
Caterpillar – dir: Koji Wakamatsu

States of Dissent (“Highly Political Documentaries”)

Stranger Birds in Paradise – dir: Charlie Hill-Smith
The Red Chapel – dir: Mads Brugger
Russian Lessons – dir: Olga Konskaya, Andrei Nekrasov
Black Bus – dir: Anat Yuta Zuria


The Illusionist
– dir: Sylvain Chomet
Summer Wars – dir: Mamoru Hosoda
First Squad: The Moment of Truth -dir: Yoshiharu Ashino
Waking Sleeping Beauty – dir: Don Hahn

Next Gen

Boy – dir: Taika Waititi
Mai Mai Miracle – dir: Sunao Katabuchi
Dancing Dreams – dir: Anne Linsel, Rainer Hoffman
In the Attic: Who Has A Birthday Today – dir: Jiri Barta
Despicable Me – dir: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud

The full program of titles will be unveiled on June 9th.

Discuss: Any pictures here pique your interest?

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