Red Hill moving to Sony?

The ultra-buzzy Aussie western Red Hill might be changing distributors for its local release. According to producer Al Clarke, the film will now be released by Sony Pictures instead of Transmission Films.

(Update 03/06/12: It’s been confirmed! Red Hill opens in Australia October 28.)

Clarke told Encore Magazine that Sony would officially announce the shift before the film’s debut Australian screening at the Sydney Film Festival on Friday. A spokesperson for Sony said however that the deal was not yet confirmed.

We first discussed Patrick Hughes’ picture back in February on the eve of its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival.

To read more about the Ryan Kwanten-starring feature (which reminded us a lot of No Country for Old Men), and to check out the entrancing trailer, head on over here.

We can expect a nationwide release date to be announced when the distributor negotiations are all wrapped up. (As said above, October 28th.)

Discuss: Lucky Sydneysiders, feel free to share your thoughts on Red Hill if you catch it!

One Response to “Red Hill moving to Sony?”

  1. I saw this at the Sydney Film Festival and I really enjoyed it… Its a solid genre film… impeccably well shot and nicely constructed. Nice way to lose 90 minutes…

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