The Rundown: May 27-June 2

Hey Quickflixers! Welcome to the latest instalment of The Rundown. It’s a regular feature that will appear on the blog every Wednesday, highlighting our favourite news items from the past 7 days, as well as notable box office and weekly rental figures. (And yes, we get that it’s weird to do this in the middle of the week. But we don’t complain about the timing of articles on your blog!)

So, what did we learn this week?

Guillermo Del Toro abandoned The Hobbit after two years of pre-production, leaving Peter Jackson holding the proverbial ring. It was hard to feel too sorry for Jackson or any LOTR fans though, especially when the new Scott Pilgrim trailer arrived, making us temporarily forget there was a reality that existed outside of its two and a half glorious minutes.

We heard rumblings that both Jeremy Renner and Josh Holloway might be joining The Avengers Initiative; we lamented the fact that Alice in Wonderland cracked the billion dollar mark at the worldwide box office (how???) and we celebrated the casting of James McAvoy as young Professor Xavier in X-Men: First Class.

Finally, we mourned the passing of two beloved actors. Former child star Gary Coleman was taken off life support by his wife following an accident that left him comatose. He was 42 years old. Dennis Hopper, the legendary wildman who redefined American cinema, succumbed to the metastasized prostate cancer he had been battling for the better part of the past year. He leaves behind a legacy of legendary screen characters. He was 74 years old. They will both be missed.

Top 5 Quickflix Rentals

1. The Road
2. Avatar
3. 2012
4. New Moon
5. Julie and Julia

In Cinemas This Week

Animal Kingdom
Sex and the City 2

Available To Rent This Week

Law Abiding Citizen
Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 – The Squeakquel
Bright Star
Mad Men – Season 3

Available To Rent Next Week

The Wolfman

Weekend Box Office May 27-30*

1. Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time
WKND = $3,487,968 / TOTAL = $3,487,968
2. Robin Hood
WKND = $2,228,697 / TOTAL = $14,421,868
3. Wog Boy 2 – The Kings of Mykonos
WKND = $1,077,969 / TOTAL = $3,370,197
4. Iron Man 2
WKND = $1,022,028 / TOTAL = $24,426,964
5. The Back Up Plan
WKND = $903,460 / TOTAL = $2,623,650
6. StreetDance 3D
WKND = $759,321 / TOTAL = $821,104
7. A Nightmare on Elm Street
WKND = $662,387 / TOTAL = $2,103,763
8. Letters to Juliet
WKND = $562,070 / TOTAL = $3,419,817
9. The Losers
WKND = $440,890 / TOTAL = $440,890
10. Harry Brown
WKND = $299,176 / TOTAL $797,291

*See further details at Urban Cinefile.

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3 Responses to “The Rundown: May 27-June 2”

  1. I refuse to believe "Wogboy 2" has pulled in $3 mil.

  2. @GrantleyBuffaloCorrection. Three point three million.

  3. Well, that's more like it.

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