Die Hard crossover with 24? Not quite…

A little while ago we discovered that 20th Century Fox had hired screenwriter Skip Woods (The A-Team) to pen a screenplay for a fifth Die Hard film, which Bruce Willis had insisted would increase in scope compared to the previous pictures and go “worldwide”. According to Ain’t It Cool News, that film now has a title: Die Hard 24/7.

Aside from the fact that Willis believes the next Die Hard film will go into production next year, we have no more details on the project. No director, no plot, no nada.

However, AICN do have a reliable source explaining the origin of the film’s title. And you won’t believe it.

It turns out that Fox had once hoped for their landmark action film series Die Hard to crossover with their signature TV show 24. John McClane (Willis) was to team up with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) for a sure-to-be-zany adventure. However, Sutherland preferred the idea of having his own film rather than jumping on board an already-existing franchise.

Although it’s very, very, very unlikely that McClane and Bauer would unite on the big screen, it’s interesting to note that Fox are holding onto the title. After all, the 24 movie looks all-but dead, so maybe Kiefer is no longer opposed to starring in the next Die Hard film. Or perhaps Fox just like the title.

In regards to Willis’ hopes that Die Hard goes “worldwide”, I have to voice my displeasure. I adore Die Hard (in fact, you can read all about it here) precisely because of its intimacy. John McClane is not Captain America; he does not need to do battle with all-powerful terrorists and such. He is a human man who cries, cracks wise and relies on the help of others in sticky situations (whether he likes it or not).

We’ll keep you updated on all Die Hard related news as it comes.

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