The Rundown: June 7-11

Hey Quickflixers! Welcome to the latest instalment of The Rundown. It’s a regular feature that will appear on the blog every Friday, highlighting our favourite news items from the past week, as well as notable box office and weekly rental figures.

So, what did we learn this week?

The Twilight Saga’s New Moon dominated the MTV Movie Awards, an awards show almost exclusively voted for by teenage girls and taken seriously by no one. Aside from the brilliant hosting prowess of Aziz Ansari, we were also treated to the first trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 as well as a brand new clip from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

As always, there were plenty of rumours buzzing around the world of comic book movies. Billy Elliot himself, Jamie Bell, is supposedly our new Spider-Man. Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite ‘Basterd’ Michael Fassbender is deciding between a villainous role in the Spider-Man reboot or young Magneto in X-Men: First Class.

As for spin-offs and sequels? Paramount revealed that they will produce a biopic of volatile movie producer Les Grossman (as seen in Tropic Thunder) with Tom Cruise in talks to star. And Die Hard 5 was christened … Die Hard 24/7 – a title left over from a proposed Die Hard/24 TV show cross over. Hollywood really is a crazy place.

Finally, good news for Perthians! The lineup for the 2010 Revelation Perth International Film Festival has been revealed, and it is a corker! In your face, rest of the country!

Top 5 Quickflix Rentals

1. Avatar
2. New Moon
3. 2012
4. Julie and Julia
5. The Road

In Cinemas This Week

The A-Team
Exit Through The Gift Shop

Available To Rent This Week

The Wolfman

Available To Rent Next Week

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Tooth Fairy
The Princess and the Frog
Shutter Island

Weekend Box Office June 3-9*

1. Sex and the City 2
WKND = $10,506,756 / TOTAL = $11,660,858
2. Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time
WKND = $2,765,315 / TOTAL = $7,288,286
3. Robin Hood
WKND = $1,568,857 / TOTAL = $16,613,173
4. Animal Kingdom
WKND = $869,337 / TOTAL = $986,403
5. Wog Boy 2 – The Kings of Mykonos
WKND = $705,726 / TOTAL = $4,332,978
6. Iron Man 2
WKND = $657,412 / TOTAL = $25,310,597
7. StreetDance 3D
WKND = $648,049 / TOTAL = $1,640,962
8. The Back Up Plan
WKND = $598,435 / TOTAL = $3,496,948
9. Legion
WKND = $423,886 / TOTAL = $423,886
10. A Nightmare on Elm Street
WKND = $419,610 / TOTAL = $2,695,701

*See further details at Urban Cinefile.

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