Robert Rodriguez to direct Deadpool?

Robert Rodriguez has reportedly been offered the opportunity to direct the X-Men spin-off Deadpool for Fox Studios.

(UPDATE: Seems the story got a little out of hand. According to the LA Times Blog, Fox merely sent Rodriguez the script. Perhaps this is indication of a future offer.)


The project has been in active development since X-Men Origins: Wolverine opened last May. Ryan Reynolds, who starred as Wade Wilson/Deadpool in Wolverine, is expected to reprise the role of the wise-cracking assassin in the Marvel comic adaptation. However, since he signed on to play DC’s The Green Lantern, the project’s future has been unknown.

Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland) were hired by Fox to pen the script; a solid choice considering the way in which Deadpool often breaks the fourth wall to make snippy one-liners and comment on the action as it happens.

Although it is unknown if Rodriguez will take on the role of director, it is clear he is becoming Fox’s new favourite toy. He produced Predators for the studio, and was even offered the opportunity to reboot the Planet of the Apes franchise for them (he declined). Fox will distribute his independently produced Machete.

As The Playlist (who confirmed the story) reminds us, this is simply an offer. That being said…

Discuss: Is Deadpool safe in the hands of Rodriguez? Is it safe in the hands of Fox?

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