Nicolas Cage gets Cranking on Ghost Rider sequel

Crank directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are in early negotiations to helm the not-so-highly-anticipated sequel to 2007’s Ghost Rider according to THR. It is likely Nicolas Cage will reprise the role of Johnny Blaze, stunt-motorcyclist turned flame-headed vigilante.

The sequel to Sony/Columbia’s Marvel comic adaptation will be called Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The screenplay was written by David Goyer, although it is likely that Neveldine and Taylor (writers themselves) will do a pass on the script if they sign up for the project. The studio is remaining tight-lipped on plot details, and it is unknown whether or not Eva Mendes or Sam Elliot will return for the sequel.

Although the first Ghost Rider – written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson – was a relative financial success, it received a critical drubbing. Even I, an avowed Nicolas Cage fanatic, hated it (although Cage, as always, is perfectly nutty as Blaze).

No one is really calling out for a new Ghost Rider movie, but the studio faced a situation in which the Ghost Rider rights could have reverted back to Marvel if they didn’t make a sequel (further explanation for their abrupt Spider-Man reboot).

Neveldine and Taylor’s Crank is a greatly underrated action smorgasbord; a hilariously offensive tribute to video game violence. It would be great if they could bring a little bit of edge to Ghost Rider. The duo also wrote the screenplay to Jonah Hex. They were slated to direct, but left the project due to “creative differences“.

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  1. Is it going to be set in those parts of Texas that look remarkably like Melbourne again?

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