Check out the American poster for Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is proving to be one of the biggest Australian cinematic success stories of late. It’s doing tremendously well at the local box office and is getting some of the best reviews of the year. I still consider it the best movie of 2010 so far (yes, even after seeing Toy Story 3 – and no, it is not fair to compare those two vastly different films).

But Australians were not the first to fall in love with the crime drama. Animal Kingdom picked up the prestigious World Cinema Jury Prize at Sundance back in January. The film now heads back to the U.S. for the Los Angeles Film Festival which kicks off this weekend. It will receive a limited release in L.A. and New York on the 13th August through Sony Pictures Classics. Check out the brand new American poster below, courtesy of Hitfix.

Not too shabby, but I still think the Australian poster appropriately conveys the film’s drama and dread.

Ah, that’s better.

Animal Kingdom, directed by David Michôd, is … already showing across Australia! What are you waiting for? Go see it already.

Discuss: Your thoughts on the posters?

2 Responses to “Check out the American poster for Animal Kingdom”

  1. I can't quite make it out on my phone but is that diagonal line on the poster supposed to be something? It looks like the edge to something. Also the film must be going out wider that just east and west. Michod is in san fran now doing publicity.

  2. We saw this last week and did not move a muscle for the entire film! It is a RIVETING drama that conjures up some genuine anger and emotion through the characters. Anything can happen…and it did. Wow! So glad we went after the massively disappointing conclusion to Underbelly The Golden Mile. A great Aussie classic film for sure!

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