The Smurfs teaser debut

We’ve avoided discussing the upcoming film adaptation of The Smurfs as long as we could. But with the film’s teaser trailer making its way online, we figured we might as well approach this thing head on.

Raja Gosnell (Beverly Hills Chihuahua) is directing the film, which will mix live-action with CG animation. When Gargamel (Hank Azaria – see below) chases the Smurfs from their village, they accidentally wind up in the real world where an expectant couple (Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays) must help them get back to their magical land.

Check it out and share your thoughts below (via TrailerAddict).

The voice cast include Jonathan Winters (Papa Smurf), Katy Perry (Smurfette), Alan Cumming (Gutsy Smurf) Anton Yelchin (Clumsy Smurf), Fred Armisen (Brainy Smurf)

The Smurfs 3D (yep, it’s in 3D) opens July 29th 2011.

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2 Responses to “The Smurfs teaser debut”

  1. Oh dear god, that's horrible!Also, I'm so sick of kids movies using word play to get around swear words. It's NOT intelligent or witty or new. ugh.

  2. Hey Glenn, It was back when the Smurfs were doing it.

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