The Rundown: June 14-18

Which director was (rightfully) disappointed in his last film? Which upcoming sci-fi flick will have a 20-minute long opening shot? Which movie trailer is so promising, it might just be “the best thing to have ever come from my generation“. Scroll past the hilarious Breaking Dawn fan art to discover the answers to all these questions and more in the latest Rundown!

So, what did we learn this week?

Well, it turns out that Michael Bay feels the same way as the rest of his crew/the majority of film critics about Transformers 2. He wasn’t the only filmmaker to speak openly about the distaste he has for his own project. Fraggle Rock director Cory Edwards slammed The Weinstein Brothers for their mishandling of his pet project.

It was revealed that The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn will DEFINITELY be broken into two separate films. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg confirmed (via Facebook) that the film will most certainly feature the controversial (and very bloody) birth scene, despite reports claiming otherwise. It is unknown whether ***** will still fall in love with a **** (which frankly, has to be one of the stupidest/most amazing things ever written in a book).

We were inundated with new trailers this week, from the great (Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, The Duplass Brothers’ Cyrus, Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go) to the inexplicable (Raja Gosnell’s The Smurfs) and even the life-changing (Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World).

Finally, we took a gander at the American poster for Animal Kingdom, discussed Sam Raimi’s Wizard of Oz prequel, and questioned Alfonso Cuaron’s decision to feature a 20-minute opening shot in his new sci-fi film Gravity. Oh, and Brett Ratner was rumoured to direct The Hobbit, but that rumour was too ridiculous to even write about (except I suppose I just did).

In Cinemas

There’s a somewhat melancholy tone to the proceedings, as we watch this franchise try to hold onto its final shreds of dignity while also indulging in those very elements that make Shrek seem so … well, lame.”

“For the music lovers: If Superbad, Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall are Radiohead’s The Bends, OK Computer and Kid A, Get Him To The Greek is their Amnesiac.”

Available To Rent

“Fantastic Mr. Fox is oddly hilarious, enthralling and overwhelmingly heartwarming; it might even be the best film of Anderson’s oeuvre.”

“Make no mistake, this is Scorsese trying his hand at pure genre; it’s occasionally schlocky and the scares are sometimes very cheeky. But it always feels like the work of a master.”

“The Spierig brothers have positioned themselves as the worthy descendants of Australian genre filmmaker extraordinaire Alex Proyas and New Zealand’s thoughtful Andrew Niccol.

“To call Tooth Fairy a bad film is like calling star Dwayne Johnson a big guy. Both statements are accurate, but neither actually conveys the degree to which they are true.”

Head to Head


Weekend Box Office June 10-14

1. Sex and the City 2 [562 screens/$8,357]
WKND = $4,696,699 / TOTAL = $16,413,304
2. The A-Team [324 screens/ $13,377]
WKND = $4,334,198 / TOTAL = $4,334,198
3. Shrek Forever After [358 screens/ $10,742]
WKND = $3,845,784 / TOTAL = $4,313,213
4. Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time [242 screens/ $6,152]
WKND = $1,488,895 / TOTAL = $8,765,534
5. Get Him To The Greek [170 screens/ $5,302]
WKND = $901,343 / TOTAL = $901,343
6. Animal Kingdom [56 screens/ $15,337]
WKND = $858,854 / TOTAL = $1,845,279
7. Robin Hood [275 screens/ $2,984]
WKND = $820,538 / TOTAL = $17,518,593
8. StreetDance 3D [121 screens/ $2,703]
WKND = $327,040 / TOTAL = $1,968,007
9. Wog Boy 2 – The Kings of Mykonos [113 screens/ $2,847]
WKND = $321,661 / TOTAL = $4,654,503
10. Iron Man 2 [142 screens/ $2,211]
WKND = $13,936 / TOTAL = $25,624,524

Discuss: Your thoughts on this week’s rundown?

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