Underbelly to be remade in America

The rights to the hit Australian crime drama Underbelly have been purchased by U.S. cable network Starz, and CEO Chris Albrecht now plans to remake it for American audiences.

Albrecht, former chief of HBO (home of The Sopranos), hopes the U.S. adaptation of the series will replicate the same success abroad as it has had here in Australia.

According to Vulture, the remake will not feature the same stories as told in the three Australian series’ (which focused primarily on the Melbourne gangland killings) but instead on similar tales featuring real-life American crime families.

Ideas for the remake are merely being researched at this point. Depending on the quality of the scripts, Albrecht has stated confidence in jumping ahead of the traditional pilot stage and ordering a whole series.

Starz are also prepping U.S. remakes of the U.K. series’ Torchwood and Camelot.

American remakes of international television shows are mostly disasters (see: Life on Mars, Coupling, Kath and Kim, Spaced et al) although The Office – the one truly great American remake – remains the shining example of potential success.

Of course, the original U.K version of The Office is brilliant. Underbelly? This is not a brilliant show.

Discuss: Do you have faith in the American Underbelly?

2 Responses to “Underbelly to be remade in America”

  1. Not a chance america – if you want to watch Underbelly, then watch it as it is, the original version, Australian.

  2. I think it will still rate well just because people will be interested to learn the real stories of gangs in their country. It may not be brilliant in a creative sense but people will watch out of curiosity for the content.

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