Could Betty White host the Oscars?

In the past 12 months, Betty White has generated the kind of good-will and adoration usually reserved for Pixar, or at the very least returning Messiahs.

The 88-year-old actress stole sleeper hit The Proposal from under stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, appeared in a pretty-funny Snickers commercial, and was given the opportunity to host an episode of Saturday Night Live following a passionate Facebook campaign (her ep was one of the highest rated in recent years).

So it’s no surprise that newly-appointed Oscar director-producer Don Mischer is anticipating a similar campaign for White to host the 2011 Academy Awards ceremony.

Mischer and co-producer Bruce Cohen are already hard at work on next year’s show, which they insist will not be held in January despite Nikke Finke’s reports.

Steven Zeitchik at the LA Times Blog asked Mischer if they had begun the search for a new host:

“It’s the No. 1 priority. We’re going to start discussions on Monday. All options are open. And I’m sure we’ll get a big push for Betty White. I can feel it coming.”

So can we.

Of course, if Betty White hosts the ceremony, she probably won’t score a Best Supporting Actress nomination for the totally unappealing comedy You Again. Not that we’re expecting to see a powerful performance from the octogenarian in the film. It’s just that the limits of White’s popularity are as-yet unreached. How high can she rise? Future Nobel Peace Prize recipient?!?

Discuss: Would you like to see Betty White host the Oscars?

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