The Rundown: June 21-25

Which hit Australian TV show is being remade in the U.S? Why do we defend the world’s most controversial film critic? And why did Simon give so many films 4.5/5 stars this week? Scroll past the picture of the box office busting Toy Story 3 to discover the answers to all these questions and more in the latest Rundown!

It began with a spirited defence of Armond White, the notorious New York film critic who gave Toy Story 3 one of its only negative reviews (not that it stopped it grossing $110 million in the U.S.). Although we stand by our defence, we’d be lying if it didn’t make us feel a little dirty.

It was announced that U.S. cable network Starz were prepping an Americanised remake of the hit Aussie drama Underbelly. The show is advertised in the States as “The Australian Sopranos”, and Starz are no doubt hoping for Underbelly U.S.A. to have a similar level of success as the classic HBO show. Of course, the BIG difference is that The Sopranos is a brilliant work of art, whilst Underbelly is mostly terrible.

A discussion with screenwriter John Collee offered us a glimpse at a movie that never was – Ripley’s Believe It or Not. If a film like this can’t get off the ground, that Dean Cain biopic seems even less likely.

We marveled at the poster of David Fincher’s Facebook movie, The Social Network; we celebrated the first look at Seth Rogen/Michel Gondry’s troubled comic book movie The Green Hornet; we discussed the badassery of Helen Mirren, and we picked our blown consciousnesses up off the floor after reading the plot synopsis for Shane Carruth’s new flick.

Oh, and as if we weren’t already obsessed with Scott Pilgrim, we’ve started to see ourselves as characters from the comic. Help us.

Top 5 Quickflix Rentals

1. The Hurt Locker
2. Avatar
3. 2012
4. Daybreakers
5. The Road

“The awe it inspires and the joy it radiates is comparable only to the sight of a mighty unicorn galloping across the treetops of Pandora, ridden by a shirtless Jon Hamm.”

Also showing: I Am Love, Grown-Ups.

Available to Rent

“To quote
Roger Ebert, “we laugh, that we may not cry”. He used to say it during his drinking days. Funny that. After seeing the hilarious but terrifying reality presented here, you might well want a stiff drink too.”

“Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker is one of the most thrilling action films I’ve seen in the past few years. It features set piece after pulse-quickening set piece.”

Head to Head

Weekend Box Office June 17-20

1. Shrek Forever After [471 screens/ $10,384]
WKND = $4,890,789 / TOTAL = $9,226,722
2. Get Him To The Greek [202 screens/ $11,836]
WKND = $2,390,788 / TOTAL = $3,293,366
3. Sex and the City 2 [494 screens/ $4,289]
WKND = $2,118,660 / TOTAL = $19,405,646
4. The A-Team [324 screens/ $5,519]
WKND = $1,788,007 / TOTAL = $6,759,642
5. Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time [231 screens/ $2,493]
WKND = $575,948 / TOTAL = $9,567,657
6. Animal Kingdom [72 screens/ $7,427]
WKND = $534,770 / TOTAL = $2,526,405
7. Robin Hood [209 screens/ $1,786]
WKND = $373,301 / TOTAL = $18,046,478
8. Mother and Child [30 screens/ $5,710]
WKND = $171,289 / TOTAL = $227,447
9. Raavan [35 screens/ $4,092]
WKND = $143,222 / TOTAL = $143,222
10. Harry Brown [71 screens/ $1,244]
WKND = $88,352 / TOTAL $1,528,168

Discuss: Your thoughts on this week’s rundown?

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