Raimi – World of Warcraft or Wizard of Oz?

A couple of weeks back, Deadline reported that Sam Raimi had signed on to direct a Wizard of Oz prequel entitled Oz, The Great and Powerful. Not so fast, say Collider, who interviewed the World of Warcraft-crazy Raimi over the weekend.

In his interview with Collider, Raimi confirmed that he was not completely committed to Oz. He said:

“We’re gonna wait and see how that all goes. I did read it, I love the script, it’s a great project… It’s something I’d like to work on.”

He preferred discussing his proposed World of Warcraft film adaptation (which we first discussed almost 12 months ago).

According to Raimi, he has so-far knocked out a 40-page treatment of the WOW script with Robert Rodat, although much more work is needed.

It’s unknown at this time whether or not Raimi will have to choose between projects; Oz will likely begin production sooner rather than later (to fit in potential star Robert Downey Jr.’s busy schedule), so perhaps he could return to work on WOW after Oz wraps up next year.

But given Raimi’s turbulent year, we’re willing to give him time to choose his next project carefully.

Discuss: Would you rather see Raimi take on Oz or WOW?

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