The next Aussie show to be remade in the U.S. is … Wilfred!

Elijah Wood is set to star in an American remake of the offbeat Australian comedy Wilfred for FX. The news comes after last week’s discovery that U.S. cable network Starz intend to create an Americanised version of the hit Aussie crime show Underbelly. Just one more and it’s officially a trend!

The scoop comes from Michael Ausiello at EW, who states that Wood will star as Ryan, an affable guy whose relationship with the girl next door is impeded by her dog Wilfred.

The project is being watched over by Family Guy‘s David Zuckerman, which makes sense considering that show’s affection for a talking dog.

Jason Gann, who co-created the show with Adam Zwar, will reprise the role of Wilfred (in human form). Zuckerman describes Wilfred as “part Labrador retriever and part Russell Crowe on a bender.”

Before you get on your high horses, FX have merely commissioned a pilot, so there is no certainty that this project will even go ahead. That being said…

Discuss: How do you feel about a U.S. version of Wilfred?

2 Responses to “The next Aussie show to be remade in the U.S. is … Wilfred!”

  1. I don't think Americans would get it to be honest. They'd have to radically change it.

  2. >I have one word for you, (with an American accent) KathandKim.

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